Design Review


Two of the key aims of the London Architects Group (LAG) are to improve the built environment, and to make the process more positive and enjoyable.


One of the ways we are seeking to achieve these aims is by carrying out regular, formal, peer design reviews. These panels take place monthly and typically three projects are reviewed. The reason for starting this is that most Design Review processes focus on larger projects, leaving smaller projects without a system for design review. 


Normally these reviews would happen prior to submission of a planning application. The feedback will be balanced and any critical points made are an opportunity for the architect presenting to address and improve the scheme prior to making a planning application. In doing so, the architect presenting will likely choose to make the Design Review notes public by including them in their planning application to illustrate how they have addressed any concerns raised.


To encourage more schemes to be presented, the assumption is that the outcomes of the Design Review are confidential until the team presenting choose to make them public. Any partial and / or selective release of a Design Review will be treated as agreement to publish the whole contents of the review.


In due course, it is envisaged that local authority planning departments may refer projects to the LAG design review process. In such circumstances, the scheme will already be in the public domain and the conclusions of the Design Review will immediately be made public.


The boroughs we are currently focusing on are:


• Lewisham

• Bromley

• Lambeth 

• Southwark