We are the London Architects Group.


A group originally formed by a small group of practices in and around Lewisham, we have grown to include practices from further afield within London.


Many of us struggle with the same challenges associated with the running of our businesses and delivery of projects. Most of these are specific to small practices and smaller projects. Together we are able to share knowledge and experience about how to better overcome these.


We have identified specific strategies for collectively seeking to improve some of the repeated problems that we face. These are being actively pursued with the aim of generally improving the service we deliver, the quality and authority of the advice provided, and the improvement of the built environment.


With an amplified and collective voice, we seek to develop and increase trust among clients, planners and other industry bodies.


As a group of practices, we exist to support each other in all aspects of running our businesses and delivering of projects. Ultimately the aim is to provide a better service to our clients, a better built environment for society and to take greater enjoyment in our work.